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During your appointment, we will analyze your requirements and carefully create a wardrobe plan tailored to your body shape, type, and lifestyle.

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  • Fashion

    Minimum 3 Hours Style Coaching

    Enhance yourself with exclusive style coaching sessions. Improve your fashion sense tailored to your individual preferences and needs.


  • Fashion-stylist

    Additional 1 Hours Styling Session

    If you desire more sessions after the initial 3-hour session, customers can schedule extra sessions.


  • 10 Hours Style Coaching

    Invest in yourself with 10 hour's -session style coaching package. Enhance your skills and enjoy savings. Experience a complete transformation in your appearance and mindset.


  • Your closet before

    Transform Your Closet

    Do you already have a defined style but find your closet overflowing and disorganized? Is your wardrobe piled up with no color coordination, making it difficult to find that perfect skirt or shirt? Do you need help letting go of items you haven’t used in years but feel attached to? I’m here to help you declutter and create a functional, organized wardrobe filled with pieces you love and use all the time.

    $125 an hour

  • How to make money selling your clothes

    De-Clutter Your Wardrobe with Ease and make money

    Are you overwhelmed by a closet full of clothes, shoes, and bags that you haven't used in ages? Do you have items that are out of style, don't fit anymore, or just don't suit your taste? Maybe you received some gifts that you're not in love with, or you bought something on sale that turned out to be the wrong color?

    I'd love to help you clear out your unwanted items! Whether you're looking to sell or donate, I'll take care of everything for you.

    $100 an hour

  • 2 Hours Corporate Styling

    support staff in achieving their best appearance daily and embracing a positive attitude, prioritizing dressing for impact. Encourage staff to dress professionally and maintain a positive demeanor to enhance their overall performance.


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