Lesley M

David M

Jennifer R

"I had always struggled with an overflowing, disorganized closet that made finding outfits a daily challenge. My wardrobe was full of clothes, shoes, and bags that I hadn't worn in years, and the clutter was overwhelming. That's when I decided to reach out to Gazelle for help with styling and organizing my closet.From the moment Gazelle arrived, I knew I was in good hands. She conducted a thorough assessment of my closet and took the time to understand my personal style and goals. Her friendly and supportive approach made the entire process feel manageable and even enjoyable.Together, we sorted through every item, deciding what to keep, donate, or sell. Gazelle's expert guidance helped me let go of pieces I no longer needed, and her creative ideas for styling the items I loved were invaluable. She transformed my closet into a beautifully organized space, arranging everything by category and color, making it easy to find exactly what I need.One of the most significant benefits was the personalized styling tips Gazelle provided. She showed me how to mix and match my basics to create stylish, new outfits, and I now feel more confident and put-together every day. The entire process was stress-free, efficient, and incredibly rewarding.I was also impressed with how Gazelle  handled the items I wanted to sell. She managed the consignment process seamlessly, and I appreciated her honest advice on which pieces were worth selling. Her commitment to sustainability through donation coordination was a bonus.Thanks to Gazelle, my closet is now a source of joy rather than stress. 

Bridget M

"I was feeling stuck in a style rut and didn't know how to elevate my look. That's when I decided to work with Gazelle. From our first meeting, she was incredibly attentive and understood exactly what I needed to refresh my wardrobe.Gazelle helped me declutter my closet, identifying pieces that no longer suited me and organizing what remained. But the real transformation happened when we went shopping together. She guided me in choosing clothing that not only fit well but also enhanced my personal style. Her keen eye for fashion and her ability to find the right pieces made the experience enjoyable and stress-free.Thanks to Gazelle, I now have a wardrobe that I love and feel confident in. I get compliments all the time on my new look. She truly has a gift for style and making her clients feel fabulous. I can't recommend her enough!"

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